YKK Expands Global Operations to Vietnam

The headquarters of the well-known zipper company ykk moved to Vietnam, and its output increased 100 times!

           In 2023, YKK made a strategic decision to relocate its global operations outside of Japan, with Vietnam being the chosen destination. YKK’s leadership emphasized that establishing the global headquarters in Vietnam signifies a broader vision encompassing the entire world.

Well-known zipper company ykk

Vietnam's Remarkable Growth: A Hub for Fashion Production

          YKK Vietnam, a subsidiary of the Japanese YKK Group, specializes in the production of high-quality zippers catering to various industries such as textiles, footwear, and handbags. Renowned as the pioneer in the zipper industry, YKK sets the standard due to its precise Japanese craftsmanship, premium materials, and exemplary management practices. With prices approximately ten times higher than other zipper brands, YKK currently dominates the market share in both the zipper and button industries.

A 100-fold Increase in Production and a Sevenfold Growth in Workforce

         Over the span of 25 years of investment, Vietnam has witnessed an astonishing 100-fold increase in production output. YKK has been operating in Vietnam since 1998, with its initial factory situated in the Amata Industrial Park (Bien Hoa). In 2018, YKK established its second factory, further enhancing its capacity to serve partners in the fashion industry.

         Yuji Furukawa, the General Manager of YKK Vietnam, recently shared during a visit to the YKK factories that, “Vietnam’s accession to the World Trade Organization has attracted investments from numerous global enterprises, transforming Vietnam into a hub for fashion product manufacturing. This expansion of our business operations is a testament to our commitment to increase production capacity. After 25 years, the zipper production in YKK Vietnam has increased by 100 times, with the workforce expanding sevenfold.”

export samples of ykk

Nike and Adidas: Key Clients as Global Headquarters Shift to Vietnam

           Vietnam currently plays a pivotal role in the global supply chains of fashion giants such as Nike, Adidas, and Decathlon. YKK Vietnam directly supplies its products to manufacturing factories associated with these brands. The increased investment in Vietnam signifies YKK’s contribution to integrating Vietnam into the global apparel and accessories supply chain.

YKK's Integral Role in Vietnam's Manufacturing Landscape

Impact of Vietnam's Textile and Apparel Exports on YKK

            Currently, YKK factories in Vietnam are capable of transforming yarn into fabric tapes, molding metal zipper teeth, or producing zipper sliders. The majority of production stages at YKK Vietnam, including dyeing, are automated. With a repertoire of 30,000 colors, YKK Vietnam ensures flexibility in meeting diverse customer demands. According to Furukawa, delivery times range from 5 to 10 days post-order confirmation, depending on the complexity of the project and the quantity required.

ykk zipper

           Vietnam’s textile and apparel exports reached $44 billion by the end of 2022, making it the third-largest exporter globally, following only China and Bangladesh. This positive trend has significantly influenced supply chain companies like YKK, prompting the relocation of its global sales department headquarters from Japan to Vietnam.

           Furukawa further emphasized that, previously, YKK Vietnam had to import certain zipper products from other YKK companies abroad to supply domestic clients. However, now, the Vietnam factories produce the majority of YKK’s products. In addition to domestic consumption, products are also exported to countries such as Cambodia and Myanmar, besides being available for “on-site export.”


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