What is spandex yarn?

What is spandex ?

Spandex, also known as elastane, is a synthetic fiber that is composed of a long-chain polymer called polyurethane. Since its invention in the late 1950s by chemist Joseph Shivers, it has become a staple material in the clothing and textile industries, known for its excellent elasticity and resilience. This fiber is often used in the production of stretchable fabrics, commonly found in sportswear, swimwear, undergarments, and other form-fitting clothing. In this article, we will discuss the key characteristics and production process of spandex yarn, and how it has revolutionized the textile industry.

made spandex/ polyester yarn


What is spandex yarn in textile?

Spandex yarn is known for its exceptional elasticity and tensile strength, making it an ideal material for garments that require stretching while retaining their original shape. The elasticity of spandex comes from the unique molecular structure of the polyurethane polymer’s repeating units, which allows the fiber to stretch up to five times its original length without breaking. This considerable stretch means that spandex can provide a comfortable, snug fit for a wide range of body shapes and sizes, making it a versatile and inclusive material.

Spandex yarn has had an undeniable impact on both the fashion and textile industries. Its remarkable stretchiness enables designers to create clothes that are comfortable and flexible, making it a popular choice for activewear and other sportswear. Furthermore, spandex is commonly blended with other fibers, such as cotton, polyester, and nylon, to create fabrics with a mix of stretch, comfort, and durability. These blended fabrics have become ubiquitous in everyday clothing, from jeans and leggings to t-shirts and undergarments.

In conclusion, spandex yarn has revolutionized the textile industry with its exceptional elasticity, durability, and versatility. From fashion and sportswear to comfortable everyday garments, this yarn has become a staple material in modern clothing. As the industry continues to develop new sustainable methods of producing spandex, its popularity and importance in the world of textiles will only continue to grow.

What is spandex yarn made of?

One significant aspect of spandex yarn is its production process, which is carried out through various techniques like wet spinning, dry spinning, or reaction spinning. The most common method, however, is dry spinning. In this process, the spandex solution is first prepared by dissolving prepolymers in a solvent, creating a spinning dope. The dope is then forced through a spinneret, where it creates filament yarns by evaporating the solvent as the fibers are solidified. The resulting yarns are subsequently stretched, bundled together, and wound onto spools.

air covered spandex yarn

Air Covered Yarn

Air covered yarn (ACY) is a type of composite yarn that combines one or more filament yarns with a core-spun yarn using air-jet technology.

Single Covered spandex Yarn

Single Covered Yarn

Single covered yarn (SCY) is a type of composite yarn that consists of a single filament yarn that is covered or wrapped by a spun yarn.

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