What is air covered yarn?

Air Covered Yarn (ACY) is a type of yarn that combines the elasticity of spandex with the strength and durability of other fibers. The spandex core is covered with a sheath of another fiber, such as polyester or nylon, using air-jet technology. This results in a yarn that is strong, stretchy, and comfortable to wear. ACY is commonly used in the production of hosiery, swimwear, sportswear, and other garments that require both flexibility and support.

The process of creating ACY involves feeding the spandex core and the covering fiber into an air-jet nozzle. The high-speed air flow causes the covering fiber to wrap around the spandex core in a helical pattern. The resulting yarn has a smooth and uniform appearance, with the spandex core completely covered by the sheath of the covering fiber.

What are the main advantages of air covered Yarn?

One of the main advantages of ACY is its ability to provide both stretch and recovery. The spandex core gives the yarn its elasticity, allowing it to stretch and conform to the body’s movements. At the same time, the covering fiber provides strength and support, helping the yarn to recover its shape after being stretched. This makes ACY ideal for use in garments that need to move with the body while maintaining their shape.

In addition to its functional benefits, ACY also has aesthetic advantages. The smooth and uniform appearance of the yarn gives fabrics made from ACY a sleek and modern look. The use of different colors and textures in the covering fiber also allows for a wide range of visual effects.

In conclusion, Air Covered Yarn is a versatile and high-performing yarn that offers many benefits for both functional and aesthetic applications. Its combination of stretch and recovery makes it ideal for use in active wear, while its smooth and uniform appearance gives it a modern and stylish look.

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