spandex Covered Yarn

Single coated yarn is a layer of outer wrapped yarn (yarn) wrapped on the outer layer of core spandex, with fewer laps and obvious fabric core exposure, which is not suitable for dark products. Mainly used for elastic fabrics such as socks and weft knitted underwear

ProductSpandex Covered Yarn
MaterialHigh-quality spandex blend
TextureSoft and luxurious
StretchabilityExceptional, perfect fit
Colors AvailableWide range of vibrant shades
Comfort LevelGentle against the skin
DurabilityLong-lasting, retains shape
Recommended UseCrafting, knitting, crocheting
ApplicationsGarments, accessories, activewear
Care InstructionsMachine washable
WeightLight, easy to work with
LengthVaries based on product
PackagingIndividually wrapped
OriginManufactured locally
CertificationsQuality assured
Customer Reviews5-star rating

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Raw White Black


Socks , sport wear,denim,weaving,knitting etc.







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