Nylon polyester high stretch silk colors imitation nylon yarn

Usage:Knitting, Weaving, Hand Knitting, Sewing, Embroidery, Fabric,
Feature:Eco-Friendly, High Strength, High Temperature-Resistant, High-Elastic, Recycled, Anti-Pilling
Material:100% Polyester

Colored polyester
It is made from plyester chips and polyester color materbatch(toner) after high temperature melt on horseback formed. no need dyeing. shorten the manufacturing process of textiles, solve environmental pollution problems in the process of dyeing. The textiles which made from colored polyester, has the high soaping, solarization, friction with high stability. Polyester with different colors enriched selections for textile enterprises. And it is the best choice of the end of the market products. Widely used in ribbon, fabrics, jacquard socks, shoes woven, sports, garments, daily use, etc.

Size: 30D/50D//75D/100D/150D, 140D double NYLON-COPY polyester yarn.




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