High Quality Nylon Draw Textured Yarn (Nylon 6/66 yarn) Supplier

Nylon 6 /66 / Polyester DTY Specification
Product TypeNylon 6/66 DTY Yarn (textured yarn)
LustreSemi-Dull / Full-Dull / Trilobal Bright
Packing4-4.50kgs/cone 6-7cones/carton                                              315catons/20″container ; 720catons/40″container
ApplicationWeaving , Knitting , Socks , Ribbon , Lace , Dyed , Covered , Seamless underwear , etc.
Nylon 6/66 DTY15D/5F , 20D/7F , 20D /12F , 20D/24F ; 30D/12F , 30D/24F , 30D/34F
40D/14F , 40D/24F , 40D/36F ; 50D/24F , 50D/48F , 60D/60F
70D/24F , 70D/36F , 70D/48F , 70D/68F ; 85D/68F
100D/24F , 100D/36F , 100D/48F , 100D/68F ; 140D/48F , 140D/68F
40D/14F*2 , 40D/24F*2 , 40D/36F*2 ; 50D/24F*2 , 50D/48F*2
60D/60F*2 ;  70D/24F*2 , 70D/48F*2 , 70D/68F*2 ; 100D/24F*2
Product TypePolyester DTY Yarn (textured yarn)

Polylion is your premier destination for Nylon 6/66 DTY Yarn, offering a wide range of options to meet your specific needs. Our textured yarn comes in various lustres including Semi-Dull, Full-Dull, and Trilobal Bright, ensuring versatility for any project.

Packaged conveniently in 4-4.50 kgs per cone, with 6-7 cones per carton, our Nylon DTY Yarn is designed for easy handling and storage. Whether you’re weaving, knitting, crafting socks, ribbons, lace, dyed fabrics, covered yarns, or seamless underwear, our Nylon DTY is the perfect choice.

Choose from a comprehensive range of deniers and filaments, including:
– 15D/5F
– 20D/7F, 20D/12F, 20D/24F
– 30D/12F, 30D/24F, 30D/34F
– 40D/14F, 40D/24F, 40D/36F
– 50D/24F, 50D/48F
– 60D/60F
– 70D/24F, 70D/36F, 70D/48F, 70D/68F
– 85D/68F
– 100D/24F, 100D/36F, 100D/48F, 100D/68F
– 140D/48F, 140D/68F
– Doubled options available

In addition to the above, Polylion also offers Polyester DTY Yarn, further expanding your options for textured yarn solutions.

Elevate your textile creations with Polylion’s high-quality Nylon and Polyester DTY Yarns. Contact us today to discuss your specific requirements and let us help bring your vision to life.



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