Is polyester yarn safe for babies?

Babies can occasionally wear polyester fiber, and it is not recommended to wear clothing made of polyester fiber frequently. Polyester fiber is commonly used to make sportswear, and polyester fiber has certain advantages and disadvantages. It is rare to use polyester fiber alone to make clothes.

Generally, polyester fiber needs to be combined with cotton fiber in a certain proportion to neutralize their respective advantages and disadvantages to form a better fabric.

What are the advantages of polyester fiber?

The advantages of polyester fiber are strong and wear-resistant, high strength and elastic recovery ability, wrinkle resistance, non ironing, non sticking, and not easy to deform. Babies can wear clothes made of polyester fiber. “However, polyester fibers have poor water absorption, and clothing made of polyester fibers is not breathable. When wearing clothing made of polyester fibers in summer, infants may feel stuffy and not easily evaporate sweat after sweating, causing irritation to the skin for a long time and causing eczema or sweat rash. In addition, polyester fibers can generate static electricity after rubbing against the skin, which is easy to absorb dust, affecting aesthetics. The static electricity generated by clothing may also make children feel tingling.”, Therefore, it is not recommended to regularly wear polyester fiber clothing for infants.

How should parents choose clothes for their babies?

Parents should not choose clothes made of polyester fiber when choosing clothes for their babies. They can wear clothes that have good breathability, water absorption, and are not easy to generate static electricity, such as pure cotton or pure linen clothes.

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You can refer to this blogger’s video below to choose the right clothes for your baby

What is polyester fiber made of?

Polyester is a type of polymer that contains ester functional groups in each repeating unit of the main chain.

Polyester fibers are made from organic dicarboxylic acids and diols. Polyester fiber, also known as PET fiber or polyester fiber, belongs to high molecular compounds and is a synthetic fiber obtained by spinning polyester polycondensated from organic dicarboxylic acids and diols. It was invented in 1941 and is currently the largest variety of synthetic fibers in the world.
Polyester fiber has good wrinkle resistance and shape retention, as well as high strength and elastic recovery ability. Its fabric is firm and durable, wrinkle resistant, non ironing, and non tacky.
Polyester fabrics are also resistant to microbial action and are not subject to the effects of moths, mold, etc., and do not need to be mothproof when stored. However, polyester fibers have shortcomings such as poor breathability, poor dyeability, low moisture content, and easy pilling and fuzzing.

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