Acy Yarn with certificates such as GRS Oeko

Air Covered yarn

Spandex/nylon yarn

High Quality

Perfect blend of spandex and nylon. Unmatched comfort, durability, and stretch. Elevate your clothing experience now!

Discover Versatile ACY Yarn

Premium spandex and nylon yarn. Luxurious, snug fit for activewear and intimate apparel.

from high-quality machines

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Spandex Preparation

We begin by carefully selecting premium spandex filaments, renowned for their exceptional elasticity and strength.

Air Covered Technology

Our specialized machines employ compressed air to wrap the spandex filaments with a smooth nylon covering, creating the perfect blend that is ACY yarn.

Quality Testing

Each batch of ACY yarn undergoes rigorous quality testing to ensure it meets our stringent standards for comfort, stretch, and durability.

ACY(RW)50D/48F+20D89/36RAW WHITE2.8-3.5CREORA
50D/48F+40D89/36RAW WHITE2.8-3.5CREORA
75D/36F+20D134/36RAW WHITE2.8-3.5CREORA
75D/36F+40D134/36RAW WHITE2.8-3.5CREORA
75D/48F+20D134/36RAW WHITE2.8-3.5CREORA
75D/48F+40D134/36RAW WHITE2.8-3.5CREORA
75D/144F+40D140/144RAW WHITE2.8-3.5CREORA
100D/36F+20D175/36RAW WHITE2.8-3.5CREORA
100D/48F+20D175/36RAW WHITE2.8-3.5CREORA
100D/96F+20D175/36RAW WHITE2.8-3.5CREORA
100D/144F+40D175/144RAW WHITE2.8-3.5CREORA
150D/48F+20D272/48RAW WHITE2.8-3.5CREORA
150D/48F+30D272/48RAW WHITE2.8-3.5CREORA
150D/48F+40D272/48RAW WHITE2.8-3.5CREORA
150D/96F+40D272/48RAW WHITE2.8-3.5lYCRA
150D/144F+40D272/48RAW WHITE2.8-3.5lYCRA
150D/48F+70D272/48RAW WHITE2.8-3.5CREORA
150D/96F+70D272/48RAW WHITE2.8-3.5CREORA
150D/144F+70D272/48RAW WHITE2.8-3.5CREORA
150D/96F+30D267/96RAW WHITE2.8-3.5CREORA
150D/96F+40D267/96RAW WHITE2.8-3.5CREORA
150D/144F+40D272/144RAW WHITE2.8-3.5CREORA
200D/96F+20D360/96RAW WHITE2.8-3.5CREORA
200D/96F+70D360/96RAW WHITE2.8-3.5CREORA
200D/144F+70D360/96RAW WHITE2.8-3.5CREORA
200D/96F+40D360/96RAW WHITE2.8-3.5CREORA
200D/144F+40D360/144RAW WHITE2.8-3.5CREORA
300D/96F+40D525/96RAW WHITE2.8-3.5CREORA
300D/96F+70D525/96RAW WHITE2.8-3.5CREORA
New design multipurpose in yarn

What are the uses of acy yarn?

Like leggings, sports bras, and athletic tops.Jerseys, shorts, and performance socks.

It perfect for crafting comfortable and supportive lingerie, bras, and underwear.

Fit in hosiery products like stockings, tights, and socks.

Used in home textiles like bedsheets and pillowcases.


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