About us

China Shaoxing Xinghui Textile company limitted is an
industry and trade integration company, Established in 2011
focusing on export business.

About Products

About Product, We can provide DTY, ACY, SCY, DCY, Viscose and bare spandex yarn and so on.

bare spandex yarn

Bare Spandex Yarn

Spandex with advantages of excellent chlorine resistant,temperature resistant,good pattern retention

Air covered yarn

Air Covered Yarn

ACY is Air Covered Yarn, which is usually available in nylon and polyester types.

DTY yarn

Nylon DTY Yarn

Drawn Texturised Yarn (DTY) yarn is obtained when nylon POY is simultaneously twisted & drawn. 

Single covered yarn

Scy is a kind of wrapped filament yarn which is continuously spun and wound on the spandex core yarn which is drawn at a constant speed.

Copy Nylon Yarn

Chemical fiber filament after a heating deformation made of spiral circle shape, elasticity stretch rate is high

rubber thread


The rubber is made of A-grade imported rubber cord silk as the core, is double wrapped with high-quality double strands of fiber.

About Factory

We insisted on the management concept of “Concept of profit seeking,Sincere cooperation”.Provide customers
with professional and comprehensive services to meet customer requirements and expectations.


This is the packing area of the finished product, even if the delivery to Peru, Brazil and other more distant countries have no feedback of carton breakage.


After packing, we will transport them to the port by truck on the ground in the form of cartons and containers.


Our factory staff are testing the quality of finished products, and each batch of products will be checked before entering the warehouse to ensure the quality of products.

About Company

China Shaoxing Xinghui Textile Co., Ltd. is a professional export team. Our yarns come from our own factory and are produced on specialized machines to produce ACY yarns, SCY yarnsDTY yarnsspandex yarns as well as supply other yarns.

yarn factory

About Corporate culture

 About polylion yarn team, we have a professional development, production and sales team. Clear division of labor, each perform its own duties, is a professional and dedicated team.

About Certificate

We has passed OEKO, recycle with GRS, ISO9001: 2008 and ISO14001: 2004 certification. We believe quality is the key for long cooperation.About customer, focusing on export ten years, building cooperation customers more than 20 different countries like Mexico, Pakistan, Tunisia, India, Russia, Bangladesh. 


About Exhibition

We have participated in various exhibitions in foreign countries and talked face to face with foreign customers to share and learn relevant professional knowledge about yarn. We aim to become good friends with customers. The quality of yarn is the bottom line of continuous growth and expansion

About Services

 We insisted on the management concept of “Quality to win credibility, reputation to benefit. ” Focusing on providing customers satisfactory quality products and professional services.


If you have any interest in yarn products, please contact us!

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